Friday, July 17th 2020
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Good reads

Community: the new business model for indie hackers
Channing from Indie Hackers has written about why communities may be the new business model for indie hackers.

How we achieve “simple design” for Basecamp and HEY
Some really great insight into how Basecamp makes their designs simple to use by adopting a few foundational principles.

How to Get Your First 25 SaaS Customers
I really enjoyed this honest article by Jon on how he got his first 25 customers for Bannerbear. Rarely do we see the hard work put in before the pretty growth curve.

50 lessons learned from writing 50 newsletters
You'll definitely enjoy this article by Anne-Laure if you're thinking about starting a newsletter, or are already running one.

Stripe data explained and hit $6000 MRR
Deep dive into Simple Analytics open stats. Not just an MRR report, this blogpost is packed with data.

How to design if you're not a designer
Pieter and Daaf from live streamed and talked about how he's managing design and other aspects of running a business as a solo founder.

Mumu - Ditch your macOS emoji picker
A fast and beautiful emoji picker.

Feedback Fish: Collect feedback. Make your customers happy.
Built while live streaming in a weekend this is a pretty impressing product. You can sign up to get notified at their next event on

mmhmm - Clear, compelling communication for everyone
Launched with a spectacular product video that made me sign up on the spot. We can all learn a bit from this.

Postmark: Transactional Email Service with Exceptional Delivery
Postmark offers a $75 credit to companies who haven't taken outside investment and are charging money for their product. It's a great service and my preferred way to deal with email. Contact their support to get the credit.
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