Friday, Aug 27th 2021
Hello friends!
Woho! Today marks Bootstrap.emails first newsletter anniversary as this is the 10th issue 🥳. I'm not sure how to celebrate properly though. How do you celebrate milestones for your projects?
This week's links

Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SaaS Startups: from $1,300 to $725,000 MRR
Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit has written a great (and a bit old) article on why bootstrapped startups should focus on direct sales. Before you think, "ehhr, but that doesn't scale" go ahead and at least read the intro.

Bootstrapping a SaaS from $10k MRR to $20k MRR
Jon Yongfook has created a follow up story to his previous Journey to 10K MRR. Some really good stuff in here and also very impressive work by Jon!

An Exact Breakdown of How One CEO Spent His First Two Years of Company-Building
Ever wondered how a startup CEO spends his time during the first two years? Sam Corcos, founder of Levels, documented exactly how he spent his time and wrote this incredibly detailed article about it.

The rise of the one-person unicorn
Christian Owens, Founder & CEO of Paddle has written about innovative investment models and how small bootstrapped businesses has grown as an alternative path to the traditional VC founded startup model.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!