Friday, Sep 10th 2021
Hello friends!
I hope you're all great! I have once again scribbled down some articles and podcasts I've enjoyed these past two weeks. There are also some throwbacks to old goodies. I hope you'll enjoy it!
This week's links

Why we never sold Basecamp by the seat
Great article by DHH on deciding to have a flat pricing for Basecamp, enabling them to focus on doing what they enjoy.

How many units can you sell?
Interesting read by Justin Jackson about the economics of units, the importance of sales volume, high/low volume and more.

How I've attracted the first 500 paid users for my SaaS that costs $5/m
Also an older article but still relevant today. Takuya, founder of Inkdrop takes you through how he got his first users.

Why you don't have to be "a business person" to succeed
Dan Cederholm tells the story behind Dribbble, being a craftsman, why you should launch your startup with postcards and t-shirts and more.

10x1K or 1x10K?
This tweet about what's an easier/faster way to reach $10K MRR sparked some interesting discussion. What do you think? Could you handle 10 apps at $1K MRR? Or would you prefer one app at $10K MRR?
Enjoy and have a great weekend!