Wednesday, April 20th
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It's time for another batch of bootstrapping news and resources. I hope you're all good and ready to bookmark .

Wobaka: Simple CRM and Email Automation
I'm building a CRM and email automation system that you'll actually enjoy using. Try it for free without a credit card .
This week's links

Quit my job the 2nd time, here's how I'm doing it differently this time
Phuc shares his insights about quitting his job as an engineer the second time and what he's doing differently.

Be a Curator
DHH and Jason Fried discusses the importance of being a curator in order to build a great product. Dealing with more ideas than you have time for, setting constraints, handling feature requests and more.

The Joy of Fuck-You Money
I really enjoyed the part about frugality and how you can change your habits to open your options. Either you get more money, or you require less of it. Also check out the follow up post.

Building a Business Meant to Last with Peldi Guilizzoni of Balsamiq
The founder of Balsamiq shares his story about getting their first customer 4 days before launching, growing to 3000 users in 8 months, building to last and much more.
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