Tuesday, May 17th
Hello friends!
It's time for another batch of bootstrapping news and resources. I hope you're all good and ready to bookmark .

Wobaka: Simple CRM and Email Automation
I'm building a CRM and email automation system that you'll actually enjoy using. Try it for free without a credit card .
This week's links

Inbound Sales for Startups and Small Businesses
How startups and especially SaaS businesses can leverage inbound sales to convert more signups into paying customers.

Focus on What Won't Change
Another great podcast by Jason Fried and DHH. Talking about focusing on what won't change. Things like simplicity, ease of use and great support never go out of style.

Why are you doing this?
Justin Jackson discusses motivation, both personal but also the purpose of the company and how it differs. Allowing yourself to be selfish and asking the question: "what do I want to get out of this experience?".

Outbound Always Works. If You Do It Right. And You Put In The Time.
Sometimes you may feel like the old bag of startup / sales tricks doesn't work anymore. In this post, Jason Lemkin shares how you can still succeed with outbound sales in 2022.

How we scaled support for 4,000+ subscribers and 1,000+ monthly trials (without dedicated support personnel)
Marko Saric from Plausible Analytics shared how they scaled their customers support without dedicated support personnel. Lots of good stuff here.
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