Friday, Aug 21th 2020
Hello friend!

Time for the second edition of I've kept the format similar to the first email since the feedback was very positive. I'm also going to add short Q/A's with bootstrappers so If you know anyone who I should reach out to, let me know :).

Oh, and I'm sorry about the past weeks. I've been away hiking around the Swedish mountains, but now I'm back and refreshed .
Good reads

Guide to getting to your first 10 customers
Great guide from Stripe and Patrick McKenzie on how to get your first 10 customers (hint: sales). Definitely worth a read.

A Cold Email That Worked
Having trouble getting replies on your cold emails? Are people being angry or rude? You might need to write a bit more personal.

Holy heck this is hard
Some statistics on how many products on Indie Hackers that are actually profitable. Yep... Bootstrapping is hard.

$1M Revenue as an indie dev (thread)
Chris Oliver reached a huge milestone in getting to $1M revenue with his company. Read the thread.

Essays on programming
Great collection of articles about programming. One of my long-term favourites is "Choose Boring Technology". Check this out if you're coding your product.

The Right Way to Talk to People About Your Business
Rob Fitzpatrick, author of The Mom Test on how to talk to customers. This is definitely a must-listen-to if you're struggling with customer conversations.

Remote | Workers
Pieter Levels Launched Remote | Workers, a platform where workers can create public profiles so remote companies can reach out. Smart monetization where companies pay credits to message workers.

YC Build Sprint
YC Build Sprint is a 4-week intensive sprint where you work towards a goal alongside the community. Starts August 24th!

Circle: The modern community platform for creators
Circle is a community platform for creators with support for discussions, memberships and content. Beautifully designed!
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!