Friday, June 17th
Hello friends!
It's time for another batch of bootstrapping news and resources. I hope you're all good and ready to bookmark .

Wobaka: Simple CRM and Email Automation
I'm building a CRM and email automation system that you'll actually enjoy using. Try it for free without a credit card .
This week's links

Journey to $1 Milion ARR
Jon Yongfook shares his Bannerbear journey and reached a huge milestone.

Why to start a startup in a bad economy
This classic post by Paul Graham has some great insights about building a startup in a bad economy.

The smallest viable audience
Great and short post by Seth Godin about choosing your customers and creating something delightful to them. Specificity is the way.

Donald Knuth on work habits, problem solving and happyness
Great read about Donald Knut's thoughts about work, planning, the importance of high minimum vs high maximum and much more.

Tone is in your fingers
Another great Rework podcast episode with DHH and Jason Fried. Some topics that are covered include how to stop obsessing over tools and get things done. Also a bunch of good business book recommendations in the end.
That's it for the week! Enjoy and let me know what you think by hitting reply!