Friday, July 8th
Hello friends!
It's time for another batch of bootstrapping news and resources. I hope you're all good and ready to bookmark .

Wobaka: Simple CRM and Email Automation
I'm building a CRM and email automation system that you'll actually enjoy using. Try it for free without a credit card .
This week's links

Half, Not Half-Assed
Great, short chapter from Basecamp's Getting Real book. When building your product, focus on doing less and doing it well.

Life Is Not Short
A fictive interview with Seneca on the shortness of life based on his texts. Really enjoyed this creative approach.

Writing one sentence per line
Derek Sivers advice on how to improve your writing.

Why we never sold Basecamp by the seat
Old goodie where Basecamp explains why they never sold their project management SaaS by the seat. Couldn't agree more and have priced my own SaaS without per-user fees as well.
That's it for the week! Enjoy and let me know what you think by hitting reply!