Wednesday, Aug 31st
Hello friends!
I'm back after a few weeks of vacation and it's time for another batch of bootstrapping news and resources. I hope you're all good and ready to bookmark .

Wobaka: Simple CRM and email automation

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This week's links

Identifying a simple problem and growing a solution to $6k/m
Great interview from 2017 with August Flanagan about building and scaling Cronitor. Solving their own problem, focusing on what matters in the beginning, getting their first users, raising prices and more.

Pricing - The 4 p's that have built a multi-million dollar SaaS business
Thomas Evans wrote a great blogpost about pricing EmailOctopus. Some topics covered are: competing on price, pricing structures that scale and raising prices.

Derek Sivers: "Your Music and People" - 12 timeless lessons and insights
Great insights from one of Derek Sivers' books like: getting specific, embracing your persona, how restrictions make you better and much more.

Try hard not to solve hard problems
DHH wrote about avoiding solving hard problems by restating them as easy ones and how they do this at 37signals.
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