Tuesday, March 21st

Hello friends!

Load up with your favourite brew and get ready. I've got a great collection of articles on SEO, indie hacking, thoughts on AI and more. I hope you'll enjoy it ☕️.

🌴 Refreshingly simple CRM for your business

If you're looking for a nice and simple CRM system you should check out Wobaka. I've been working on it since 2019 and it's beautifully simple and refreshing (and has dark mode!). It's built specifically for small businesses and is perfect for bootstrappers.

Getting started with SEO: A guide for creators
I'm not a marketing expert, just a designer and software engineer. But I've written this guide on how to get started with SEO for creators. It's basically the guide I would have wanted when I started out building and marketing things.

John Carmack DM on AI full "product skills"
Great response by John Carmack on concerns about AI and developing a valuable skillset in these times.

Just the two of us
Jason Fried shares how they have downsized product teams to two people and more details on how they work (based on Shape Up process).

What is an indie hacker
Great article on what indie hacking is and how it compares vs other traditional forms of building a business / startup.

And that's it. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think by hitting reply 👋