Friday, Sep 4th 2020
Hello friend!

I've kept the format from previous newsletters but kind of merged launches and tools together. I'm planning to include a short Q/A with my first guest bootstrapper for the next edition. I hope I'll make it in time :).
Good reads

Hot to get people to love your SaaS product
If you're bootstrapping a SaaS you probably want users to love the product. This article guides you through some of the things you can think about to get there.

Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza (And Other Lessons in Building Minimum Lovable Products)
Following the topic of the previous post, this article digs into how you can create a minimum lovable product. It's a really good article.

How do I build something people want?
Justin Jackson, co-founder of has written a great post on practical advice for the famous "build something people want".

Long tail competitors
If you're into SEO you'll like this article about how to increase your reach with long tail keywords based on competitors. You might be able to apply the same principles to your specific situation.

Jeff Bezos office when he started Amazon
Let's just say that startup success is not in the interior design. Also, now I don't feel bad about my converted closet office.

Raising Prices & Re-writing Your Codebase
I really enjoyed this podcast with Rob Walling from Startups for the rest of us and Mike Ritchie from SeekWell on product, pricing, how they got their first customer within 30 days post launch and more.

Winning People's Attention with Nathan Latka of Founderpath
Courtland Allen chats with Nathan Latka about selling his company, writing a book, getting into the media business and more. Some really good bits on selling to potential sponsors here.
Really insightful articles on some of the biggest trends today.

Beautiful icons created by the makers of Tailwind CSS.

The most complete list of open startups.
That's it for this week. Let me know what you think by hitting reply :)!