Friday, Sep 18th 2020
Hello friend!

New week, slightly new format! I'm experimenting with adding some Tweets/threads I found interesting on Twitter. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Good reads

The “Burner List”—My simple, paper-based system for focused to-dos
I recently read Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky and changed quite a few things in how I plan my days. One of the things are the Burner lists which I've found to really help me focus on the things I need to get done.

If you can't express yourself by email, you're not worthy of anyone's time
Old blogpost by Pieter Levels but maybe even more relevant today. What do you think? Is the good old "email to get a phone call" dead? Personally, I prefer email every day of the week since I can digest it in my own time. I've never bought anything over phone.

Stripe's new checkout: What's new?
Stripe keeps delivering amazing improvements to their product. I first used Checkout in 2015 and it was great back then but now it's just, wow!

Persisting Through Failures to Find a Winning Trend with Dru Riley of
On the difficulty of finding an idea with product-market-founder fit, the latest trends and how he has grown his newsletter to $20k/month in under a year.

Do you have to build an audience to start a SaaS?
There's been a lot of focus on audience and community building lately, but is it really needed to build a SaaS? Read Rob Walling's thoughts.

How many leads/trials do you really need?
Justin Jackson breaks down the numbers on how many trials you really need to make a profitable SaaS targeting SMB's.

Nostalgia: Bill Gates in 1994 showing a CD-ROM could hold more info than a stack of 330,000 pieces of paper.
I think the title says it. It sure is a big stack of paper.
I also had a poll on Twitter on whether you should require credit card or not for B2B SaaS trials. The response was pretty much 50/50. What do you think? Let me know by hitting reply!

Happy Friday!