Friday, Nov 20th 2020
Hello friend!

It has been an exciting few weeks in the bootstrapper and tech community in general. Apple has launched it's M1 chip, bootstrapped businesses have been sold and there's been more articles and discussion about how hard it really is to start a business. I've tried to summarize what I've found particullary interesting. I hope you'll enjoy it .
This week's links

The greatest human migration in history will happen in the next decade
Pieter Levels, the founder of Nomadlist has written a great article about how remote work will transform society in the next decade.

I sold Baremetrics
Josh Pigford has written about his journey in selling Baremetrics. What's really special here is that you can read all about the numbers and who bought it. Not super common for bootstrapped company acquisitions. Thanks for sharing Josh!

Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy
An old (2008) but very relevant article from Paul Graham about why you starting a company in a bad economy can be to your advantage.

After losing $38676+ as an Indie Hacker. I can't do it anymore. I quit.
José León has shared his story of trying to get to a profitable business and eventually quitting. I think it's a good reminder that building a business is hard work and that it can really take some time before your business can pay your bills.

How much money do you need to become an indie hacker?
Jon Yongfook shares how much he had saved in his bank account when he started out as an indie hacker. There's also some really nice insight and discussion.
Have a nice Friday and weekend!