Monday, Jan 4th 2021
Happy new year!
After taking two weeks off to wind down and go snowboarding I'm back at work and looking forward to develop this year. I'm looking for some people who are interested in doing a short interview with me. Let me know if you're interested, or know someone who might be :).
This week's links

The Airbnbs
Inspiring story written by Paul Graham about the origins of Airbnb.

How Nathan Barry Built ConvertKit to $2.1M Per Month
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast with Spencer Haws and Nathan Barry talking about starting and running ConvertKit.

Startups: The Very Beginning
Great article written by Jessica Livingstone about some important aspects of starting a startup such as ideas, markets, co-founders, domain expertise and ability to build and sell.

Validation is a mirage
"You can’t validate something that doesn’t exist. You can’t validate an idea. You can’t validate someone’s guess. You can’t validate an abstraction. You can’t validate a sketch, or a wireframe, or an MVP that isn’t the actual product."
— Jason Fried

Justin Jackson's 2020 year in review
Justin Jackson, co-founder of has written about his 2020 in review. There are some good insights here, both in business and life.