Thursday, Jul 15th 2021
Hello friends!
I'm sorry that this email is a bit overdue but I plan to give way more time after summer and I'm wondering what you would prefer: weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletters? Let me know by hitting reply :)!

After a pretty wild spring I'm now happy to go hiking on a little summer vacation starting this Saturday and I'll see you back here in beginning of August for some really exciting things I'm planning 🥳.
This week's links

The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up everyday
Lovely blogpost about the development of Typesense and the founders journey of slowly making it and eventually succeeding by just showing up everyday.

"I shall write some code everyday before or after work."

A Project of One's Own
I really liked this essay from Paul Graham about working on projects. It also led me to start reading the book Revolution in The Valley with stories about building the first Mac.

How to Take On Huge Incumbents as a Solo Founder
Great and insightful podcast by Indie Hackers with Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal. Especially on validating ideas and positioning your product in a crowded market.

Plausible Analytics journey to reach $10K MRR. There's some really good bits and actionable advice on pricing, positioning, marketing and more in this one.

A solo journey to 100k
Super cool, timeline style story about how Zeno built Dracula theme and grew it to $100K in sales.

How to Work Hard
Another great and enjoyable essay from Paul Graham on the hot topic of working hard, working smart and talent.

"... And yet Bill Gates sounds even more extreme. Not one day off in ten years? These two had about as much natural ability as anyone could have, and yet they also worked about as hard as anyone could work. You need both."
Enjoy and have a great summer! ☀️